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Moundville Telephone Company is pleased to offer its customers Internet access through its subsidiary,, which provides both high-speed DSL (available in over 95% of our service area) and traditional Dial-up services. customers receive multiple email accounts with web-based email access, Personal Web Space, SPAM filtering with access to enhanced services such as web hosting, Anti-Virus/Spyware software and remote data storage. Information concerning can be obtained by calling the Moundville Telephone Company business office at 205.371.9011 or clicking on the link below.

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DSL Internet Service DSL is available in three levels of service: 256k down/128k up, 1.5M down/384k up, 3M down/512k up and 6M down/768 up. The actual speed experienced by customers will vary and depends on several factors including, but not limited to customer location, destination on the Internet, traffic on the Internet, customer premise wiring, etc. No minimum level of speed is guaranteed, however, MTC will make every effort to provide the best possible service. Current pricing is $26.95 (256k), $36.95 (1.5 Mbps), $56.95 (3 Mbps) and $76.95 (6 Mbps). These prices can be discounted when packaged with other services.
Here are some common questions concerning DSL in general and some specifically related to the service provided by MTC.
What is DSL?
DSL is an industry acronym for Digital Subscriber Line technology which delivers high-speed Internet access. The service lets you send data and voice over the same line so you can talk or fax while you browse the web.

What is ADSL?
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for transmitting digital information at high bandwidths on existing telephone lines to homes and businesses and is the type DSL currently provided by MTC. ADSL simultaneously accommodates both analog (voice) and digital data on the same line. Unlike regular dial-up telephone services, ADSL provides a continuously available connection.

How does it work?
ADSL works by splitting the phone line into two frequency ranges. The frequencies below 4 kHz are reserved for voice, and the range above that is used for data. This makes it possible to use the line for phone calls and data network access at the same time. It is called "asymmetric" because more bandwidth is reserved for receiving data than for sending data.

How much does it cost and what's included?
The 256k offering is $26.95/month, the 1.5M offering is $36.95/month and the 3M offering is $56.95/month. This includes the DSL connection, five email accounts, 5MB of Personal Web Space and unlimited Internet access through Certain promotions offered by MTC may reduce the standard monthly charge. Monthly charges are subject to change. Charges do not include any additional features or premium services (such as extra costs for excess personal web space, virtual domain and additional e-mail accounts). You will remain liable for any such additional charges incurred through your use of the service. The price for DSL Service does not include the cost for your telephone line. However, DSL Service allows simultaneous voice and data transmission, so you will now be able to access the Internet and talk on the telephone at the same time.

Is a DSL Service connection secure?
Your DSL connection is a dedicated line-unlike cable modems that you share with other users-so you benefit from a more secure connection. However, no Internet connection is 100% secure.

Will I need an additional telephone line?
No. MTC DSL Internet Service operates over your existing telephone line without interfering with voice or fax transmission. You can talk on the telephone, or send and receive faxes while connected to the Internet. With MTC DSL Internet Service there is no need to install additional telephone lines, unless you want to have multiple lines for multiple voice communications.

Are there any charges associated with the modem?
Yes. The charge for a modem is $49.95. It includes wireless capability and up to four LAN connections. After purchase, the modem becomes property of the customer. Coverage for typical damage is available through the Inside Wire Maintenance plan.

Where is DSL currently available?
DSL is currently available to over 90% of our customers. To find out if the service is available to you, please call.
Dial-up Internet Service
Unlimited use of Dial-up service is $19.95 and can be discounted when packaged with other services.